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3 surefire methods that help me to build new habits

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about building up new habits, and attempting to do so. From my own experience, there are three things that contribute to my success in building a new habit more than anything else....

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Leave Work at Work: How to End Your Day

It’s 10:00 at night and I’m still thinking about work. Thinking about what I should change in an article, or what I should have done in pervious articles. My husband and I are sitting in the same room together, but I’m not really there. I’m half-a-mile away and it’s been like this for months. I’ve done this with every job. I can’t leave work at work—I’ve never known how. I love working hard—to feel my brain pulse with energy as I try to absorb as much information as humanly possible in a day. I thought this made me better, that it made me different, but that’s not true at all.


How many of us are like this? You work until you physically, mentally, cannot work any longer? You think that this is just what your supposed to do, it’s what you have to do to succeed, right?

Write your way to a better life: why writing is for everyone

The first time I really remember experiencing joy from writing was when I was in elementary school. I was put into a writing workshop because I told too many lies in class (most notably my ability to perform a triple axel at the age of eight years old). My teacher thought I needed a creative outlet.

Failing Your Way to Creativity

I remember the first time we did an art school critique. It was brutal. In the first five minutes a friend’s year-long photography project was compared to a Flickr stream. Cringe worthy. The funny part was, the comment didn’t crush her— in fact, she just got back to work.

Why you eat, buy and weigh the same as your friends

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and business philosopher
I heard this quote a couple of years ago. It points out the effects our friends and family have on us, when we spend a lot of time with them. They’re bound to influence us, without us even realising.

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