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“I know a guy.”

Earn 5% on projects you refer by forwarding an email.

Step 1

Cc work@pickcrew.com when replying to your friend.

Step 2

Include a friendly message letting your friend know you’ve referred them to Crew.

Step 3

We’ll email your friend a link to create their project. You’ll get paid when the project completes.

Trusted by these folks & hundreds of others.

I send all my friends to Crew. They always deliver great work.

Spencer Fry

When I'm busy with clients, I trust Crew to take care of my friends.

Shyama Golden

When my friends email me looking for a designer, I send them to Crew.

Julien Smith

As an entrepreneur, lots of people ask me where they can get their web app designed. I refer them to Crew.

Andrew Chen

A few projects referred to Crew.

QuickRead for iPad

Referred by Sarah L.

Treebot UI

Referred by Kevin G.

Spark for iPhone

Referred by Cole R.

Questions? We've got answers.

Why refer a project to Crew?

All designers and developers on Crew have been pre-vetted and handpicked. Of all projects submitted to Crew, 99 percent are matched within 48 hours and we offer 'round the clock support for every project.

How quickly do I get paid?

We pay you as soon as the project has been completed. We’ll send you an initial email letting you know that the project has started, and again when it’s complete. If at any time you want to check in on the status of a project, please email us.

What types of projects can I refer?

The budgets of most of our projects fall in the range of $500 to $50,000 for both mobile and web projects with an average of $6,000 per project. Browse a list of completed projects.

How much do I make on each project?

You'll earn 5% of the project’s total budget. For example, if the friend you refer submits a project of $6,000 then we would pay you $300 when it’s complete.

Who can refer projects?

Anyone can refer projects to Crew and earn 5% of the project budget. Ideal if you're an agency, designer, or developer with too much work on your plate.

Ready to begin your project?

Find your professional and begin working within 48 hours.